a3 addresses mostly operators in emerging markets, where the challenging market environment makes the need for better management practices, particularly in marketing, even greater

  • We have built a solution tailored to the specific need of these markets
  • We provide with the -demand ability to reap the benefits of exploiting “big-data” to even the smallest operators

a3 offers a low-risk, high-value, ”pay-as-you-go” solution targeting the operators’ core issues:

  • Reporting and tracking of customers, minutes and revenue across operations
  • Prepaid churn detection, flagging “at risk” customers to maximize retention success
  • Pricing analysis, identifying threats and opportunities in the market
  • Channel management, adjusting incentives and reducing friction within the channel

All our tools are designed to provide actionable insights to your team and to empower them to achieve their full potential

Our goal is to improve your ROI of your marketing budget through a more targeted approach